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Privacy Policy

Hi-Tech Machinery Privacy Policy

Statement regarding General Data Protection and Privacy Policy, effective from 25 May 2018

To ensure personal data is not violated or abused, the EU has revised GDP Regulations to be operative from 25 May 2018.    Over the past 30 years, Hi-Tech Machinery has accumulated many contacts and, as equipment, even from those very early days, remains in service, we have a legitimate and necessary interest in retaining contact details provided either verbally, in hard copy or various electronic methods.   Use of the data recorded is limited to contacting customers, suppliers, end users and OE manufacturers incorporating our equipment, initially in response to an original enquiry, then during the purchasing, installation and commissioning process and continuing through the service life of the equipment for problem solving, operational advice and provision of spare parts.  We also need to retain contact details to advise you in the event a technical/safety update occurs and we need to discuss how the matter may affect your use, or performance, of the equipment supplied.   If appropriate, we may also occasionally advise you when new equipment is introduced.

Providers and Software involved with our processing.

Neither our Web Hosting Provider nor Hi-Tech Machinery Limited will retain any personal data relating to customer use or visits to our website, although cookies to track popularity of navigational routes through the site are used for each session and generally deleted from any remote terminal on exit.  

Analytics may be used from time to time to track website traffic.

CRM and Accounts software are our main internal reservoirs of contact data, together with Web hosted Outlook e-mail facility.   Contact details are necessarily held for day to day use in all three cases.   Five office terminal users have full access to our CRM as well as their individual Outlook contacts, and each staff user has a secure password for access to both.  Passwords are changed on a bi-monthly basis. 

Our independent IT provider ensures the company server and all terminals are protected by Firewall and Business Quality Antivirus, Malware and other Security software to minimise any possibility of system breach.  All operating systems and security software is automatically updated.  A secure server backup is taken twice each working day with discs removed from site each evening.

We are located within the confines of a List X classified site having a secure park perimeter and guarded entrances with 365/24 hour security.   All staff are subject to British Government Baseline Personnel Security Screening to meet a minimum of the RICE acronym. 

R     Right to work and immigration status - Checked and Verified.      

I      Identification - Checked and Verified.

C     Criminal Record - Checked and Verified

E     Employment (3 years) - Checked and Verified


Your choices:

Should you wish to unsubscribe from any information facility or news channel we may have included on our website, please call +44 1256 766003 and your details will be erased immediately.

Should you prefer, your personal data will be permanently removed from all CRM, Accounts and E-Mail software.  You may also request company detail is removed but, for security reasons, removal requests, in both cases, will be by e-mail to sales@fillers.co.uk with the words REMOVE DATA in the subject line.    All details will then be removed within three working days, with the express provision that any balance

outstanding on the company account is immediately paid in full.  All deletions confirmed by e-Mail .


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