Pressure Feed System

Thicker cream and gel type products may need the assistance of constant feed pressure at the dispensing pump inlet.

The system accumulator supplies product to the Hibar Rotary Valve pumps at a constant pressure up to a maximum of 4 bars.  The accumulator directly controls the drum pump, or other delivery system used to transfer product from the main supply container.  Equipment is currently in operation filling chilled butter into portion packs, pharmaceutical creams and gel products on vertical form, fill & seal machines and into thermoformed blister packs.

Pressure Feed System

 For your own application, we can supply a single pump or custom design single or multihead filling systems for stand alone operation or for integration into other machine installations.  Hi-Tech Machinery Limited can provide a thoroughly engineered, reliable, cost effective solution for equipment filling from a few microlitres to two litres and beyond.

12head Pressure Feed 250x188

Twelve 1BRV pumps with pressure feed system for 250mg of pharmaceutical cream ready for shipment to thermoform machine manufacturer, already mounted on host machine top plate.   Another typical example of  the right equipment for the application.

Hi-Tech technical support will ensure your investment achieves optimum performance.  Please call us.

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