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Battery & Special Purpose Equipment

Hibar Innovative Automation

Hibar provides the world’s leading manufacturers with innovative advanced automation solutions that are engineered specifically to suit their production requirements. These range from single station vacuum filling systems to complete high speed assembly lines running in excess of 1200 cells per minute. This unique capability derives from over 40 years production of precision filling systems designed specifically to handle the difficult conditions and electrolytes used.  Continual development of custom building, fully automated, state of the art systems has made Hibar unique in its ability to satisfy the ever-changing demands and future developments of the battery market.

Equipment for Alkaline and Li-Ion cells includes; Lab Scale Vacuum/Fill,  Cathode Process Systems,  Pellet Process Modules,  Pellet Insertion,  Re-Compaction and Beading Module,  Separator Winder and Insertion, Sealant Application,  Electrolyte Dispensing,  Vacuum Soaking, Anode Gel Dispensing and Closure Placing,   Cell Closing Roller Crimp/Die Crimp,  Test and Weight Check,  High Speed Top Cap Weld and Assembly,  18650 Cylindrical Li-Ion - Vacuum Filling-Beading-Sealant-Crimping (Roller & Die),   Vacuum Fill and Seal for Lithium and Capacitor Pouch Systems,  Implantable Battery Assembly and Filling,  Lead Acid Battery Filling,  Super Capacitor Vacuum/Fill/Bead/Crimp,  Watch and Hearing Aid Battery Assembly/Fill etc. etc.

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